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Metairie, LA, United States
Kerry is a network administrator, new dad, and creator of the blog. I (Kelly) am a pediatric nurse and new mom. We have been married for three years and live in New Orleans, LA--the greatest city in the world. Actually we just moved to Metairie, but still think NO is the greatest city in the world. Mostly, this blog is about our new daughter, Lillian Grace Godbold or as we call her, Lily. She is our angel.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lily on bike

Lily is enjoying her gifts from two Christmass ago. Isn't she the cutest passenger? This is for you Grandpa!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Pretty Gift

Our freind Mrs. Ellen made this for Lilly. Isn't it pretty? Thanks Mrs Ellen!

Happy Birthday Dylan

Our friend Dylan turned 3 last week so we went to Pensacole for the day to celebrate with them It was so much fun.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny story

Well if any of you are still checking this blog I have tried to catch up the past two months with pics. I don't have any pics today but a funny story to tell:
This morning, after her bath, I guess I was distracted with what outfit to put on her and I forgot to put her diaper on. ( I know, we haven't potty trained yet, but we are working with it, she just has no interest). Anyway we walked the dog, came back home, and a few min. later I went to her room to put away clothes and saw a huge pile of you know what on her bedroom floor. I immediately went to blame Louie (who hasn't done anything like that in months) when I noticed she was in the buff (she had on long dress so I could not see earlier). I smelled her sandals and knew who the culprit was. Serves me right for forgetting. She wasn't even going to tell me about it.

Birthday outfits

modeling a couple of cute birthday outfits. The doll dress matched hers. So cute! and she LOVES Dora now.

Happy Birthday Lily

we had Lily's 2nd birthday party at the Monkey room. She wasn't feeling great so I did not get a lot of pics. but We had a good time--even thought I could barely put her down. Thanks everyone for coming.

Happy 4th of July

We had a great time visiting with Sarah and Bradley on the 4th of July